Coach on Call

Just when you need me most

Coach On Call is a brand new service, launched in the midst of a global pandemic, answering the needs of businesses with teams. I mention the global pandemic to draw your attention to the growing mental health crisis not just here in the UK, but worldwide.

The stresses associated with this crisis have highlighted the need for businesses to take a responsible attitude to the needs of their team’s mental wellbeing, after all, your people are your most valuable asset, right?

Coach On Call provides a safe space for your team to explore solutions to their problems away from the work environment. As an external coach, I am detached from the company and therefore completely impartial allowing your team members to freely express their concerns without fear of judgement or negative impact. 

The key here being I am paid, but not on payroll giving your staff complete peace of mind. 

Aside from the direct support your team will receive consider the following benefits for you and your team:

  • Fewer days lost through work-related stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Shows you care, which is great for team morale and company culture
  • Prevents issues being escalated to HR

I designed Coach On Call to be as flexible as possible. The initial consultation is free and then you buy blocks of time dependent on the size of your team.

If you would like to support your team, reduce stress-related absence and increase productivity, let’s have a brain jam today!


A. In short, everyone! All professional sportspeople and teams have coaches, not because they’re bad, but because they’re obsessed about being better.
A. Sessions are available in person (when available) or via Zoom.
A. Coaching is almost always as an individual.
A. No but be prepared to consider tough questions and dig deep into your future dreams whilst learning from your past.
If a staff member leaves then that is ok. It means that having chatted with an impartial coach they feel that they no longer fit in your organisation. Would you want someone not fully invested working there?

I was introduced to Rory in April, in a new career at the start of lockdown where I felt like my head had fallen off my shoulders and rolled away.

I cannot thank Rory enough for sharing his knowledge, advice, wise words and support to somehow find my head again and pop it back on my shoulder where it belonged. 

He is a force to be reckoned with!

Thank you Rory!!