Roaring Berry workshops are designed to unlock your true potential with easy-to-access concepts that translate into an effective and sustainable toolkit of skills to get you where you want to be – fast.

Working with Corporates to develop and deliver bespoke workshops that use Improv and LEGO®, I use the public workshops that are already created as a base to work from in some cases.

Workshops and the resulting training that is covered, includes but is not limited to, developing team culture and dynamics, presentation skills, communication skills, storytelling and a few other subjects,

Check out our forthcoming public workshops below, get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke workshop for your business:

Lets explore Stories and how they form part of everyday life. Looking at the structure of a story we will explore creating them.Come along and learn how to craft stories in different ways. This will be an interactive workshop where you will play with different options and angles when it …
Leadership is a thankless task, this 3 hour workshop will be filled with practical tips and exercises to make the leadership burden lighter. Are you a new manager or leader that is worried about leading for the first time? Maybe you have been leading and managing for a while and …