Pitch Perfect Presentations

Congratulations, you just took the next step in your speaker journey!

From seasoned professionals through to people with no experience, I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t get apprehensive about speaking in public, after all, it’s one of the most exposing things you can do.

Whether you’re preparing for a big speech or key presentation I can help you to plan, practice and perform at the highest level so your message is received clearly and distinctively.

We’ll be looking at key areas around impact, content and purpose to ensure your audience understand your message and (where appropriate) are inspired to take action as a result of experiencing it.

You will receive and absorb the key skills to delivery with confidence, authority and humour. Imagine your audience as they witness your confident presentation and knowing that they are fully engaged, inspired and motivated.

I’ve been coaching peoples presentation skills techniques for over 10 years bringing my experience from professional acting, TedTalks and business networking and I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

Our session together will give you the techniques to plan and present at the highest level and is designed to be friendly and fun. Whether you are an experienced presenter looking to be better or are completely new to public speaking I can help you ace that presentation.


A. Everyone that wishes to present better, from individuals who dream of a Ted Talks to employees needing to present in-house or on behalf of the business they work in.
A. Presentation coaching takes the form of either one on one work or via a workshop environment. Get in touch today and lets see which is a better option for your needs.
A. You will learn the building blocks of presentations and how to craft a presentation. I work on the basis of working at your pace with humour, patience and encouragement as a key feature of our session.
A. Hey, everyone’s nervous but our sessions are designed to be friendly and fun working at your pace.

Rory helped me tremendously prior to my co-hosting a webinar. His confidence and public speaking techniques were informal and relaxed and his simple prompts meant that I naturally improved as opposed to his instructing me which would have been difficult to maintain without his being there.

The sessions were also fun which meant that when I hosted the webinar I could think back on our rehearsals and remember that fun feeling!

All of the techniques above allowed me to forget my nerves and not only did I appear confident to everyone who attended but I genuinely enjoyed it.

Thanks Rory!

Helen Phillips