Life and Executive Coaching

Together, we can make things better…

Once upon a time the phrase “I have a coach” would have been reserved for elite athletes only. As business professionals and individuals came to realise that having a coach was not an admission of failure, but rather a way to optimise themselves, coaching has become a sought after addition to personal and professional development.

I help people at all stages of life gain clarity on themselves and their place in the world. Whether the issue is around self-limiting beliefs, lost purpose or a general sense of “feeling disconnected”, I can help.

Many times I speak with clients who are struggling with their own identity having lost this to a traumatic event or a long-standing work issue. Together we’ll work together to rediscover that identity and begin the process of recalibration and rebuilding. The aim is to build resilience and a mindset that can withstand life’s twists and turns and allow you the freedom to enjoy life. 

My aim is for you to be the driving force in your life rather than a passenger in it.

Nothing is “off-limits” with coaching, indeed that’s the key benefit. We’ll be working together in a safe environment to work through your issues and build a strong and sustainable pathway to a solution.

Whether your challenges are based around long-term issues or a vital life decision, life coaching can deliver some amazing answers and help you to move forward. My executive coaching helps managers and business owners gain clarity on thoughts and actions associated with big decisions around relationships, problem-solving and purpose.


A. In short, everyone! All professional sportspeople and teams have coaches, not because they’re bad, but because there obsessed about being better.
A. Sessions are available in person (when available) or via Zoom.
A. Coaching is almost always as an individual.
A. No but be prepared to consider tough questions and dig deep into your future dreams whilst learning from your past.

I am a client of Rory Berry, he has helped me move forward in my career development as I am retooling and rediscovering how I fit in the market and how to approach it. I especially appreciate his insightful nature and his ability to read between the lines and help me through the process of self-discovery and prioritising.

He is truly concerned with my well being as a human, not just now, for a quick fix/new resume and off you go, but he looks long term and desires to see me function in my capacities with joy and reward on the soul level. Whatever currency you pay him in, he is worth every pound, euro or dollar.

Ingrid Fiedler