The Rory Story

Hi I’m Rory and welcome to Roaring Berry.

All my life I have tried my best to help others achieve more by reframing the way that they look at things, over time I realised that there was an opportunity to do this as a full-time role. 

Roaring Berry was born out of a desire to see more play and fun in the world. I believe we don’t play enough, especially as adults. Having had the unique gift of spending ten years in the performing arts, 8 of which I did improvised theatre I now bring that to all that I do. 

The unique skills that the industry gave me helped to shape a part of how I see the world.

Improv is such a beautiful and unique lens with which to view the world and I use it as one of the vehicles and metaphors for the work that I do. 

I have been known to say “Let’s have a brain jam”, in fact its all over the site. Two brains just hanging out and jamming can create some serious magic, that’s pretty cool in my opinion. That human connection creates opportunities to discover treasure in those conversations.