Staff Retention Specialist

Staff retention starts with business culture – so, the big question here is…

What’s your culture?

A healthy team culture breeds loyalty and a loyal team is a stable team.

To build a healthy culture we work with you in three distinct areas:

In order to move forward, we need to go back.Creating rock-solid plans to nurture and build your teamThis is the doing bit, the messy bit, the stuff that stings sometimes. 
In this phase, the investigative part of the work we do together is done. Identify the company culture, systems, training processes as well as any other Team related touchpoints your business has.
Once the investigation has been completed the next step is putting into place the plan to make the changes necessary to put a stop to any short term challenges and then create the long term shifts in your business.
We get stuck in and make the changes. This is done through a variety of ways which include: Coaching, training, mentoring, team building, Roaring Lego