Not all Ice Baths Help

I bet you are wondering why I mentioned ice baths in the headline. 

It’s been incredibly frosty herein the UK the last few days and it has me thinking about how ice baths are so often spoken about for the benefits they bring. 

Increased energy, metabolism and sleep benefits as well as immune system support and stress reduction, the benefits of ice baths are being shared across the world more widely. Wim Hof is particularly famous for his contributions to this movement. 

In business, Icing or freezing people out has the opposite effect. 

Far too often managers who are not equipped to deal with stressful situations. They can find themselves “icing out” individuals who just seem to just be intent on challenging or questioning things. These individuals  who get targeted with the behaviour are often doing this because their viewpoint is different. In their mind they have what they deem a valid reason to question the situation or decision. 

When you freeze out a staff member is has a ripple effect on the team and things start to splinter. This splintering results in lack of a unified feel and things become harder to accomplish. As this dynamic seeps into the rest of the organisation it gets worse. 

If I am talking to employees as part of a staff retention consult, one of the reasons they will mention in regards to considering leaving is “Management doesn’t discipline the real trouble makers”. 

If that is not addressed it essentially becomes endorsed as part of the way staff are treated. This creates a negative effect that magnifies and ultimately makes the staff that care deeply about the business leave.

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