Spend any time with me and at some stage the phrase “take a beat” will be used.
It comes from the years I spent in the performing arts.

When you are on stage there is huge power in taking a beat in order to drive a storyline along and to help other actors on stage to catch up or move around as needed. The beautiful nuances and magic that can be created in those beats teach us so much.

I distinctly remember being in an improv scene which was 5 minutes long and we probably used five words in the entire time that we were onstage. We created such a powerful scene that the audience loved.

This concept translates beautifully into presentations, taking that beat and not being afraid of the silence that it creates means you search for it and in doing so create magic in the silence.

When we stop in the mad dash through life and truly take a beat we create a silence and a space for ourselves to find the magic again and as a result refuel ourselves for the next adventure.

What does taking a beat look like? It’s a personal journey so it is often a personal interpretation thereof, for some it’s a walk in the majesty and calm of nature, for others it’s a slow down for a beautiful cuppa ( maybe a sneaky slice of cake too!), for others playing with some lego for 5 minutes at your desk may be just the ticket you need to slow down both body and mind in order to refuel and charge off again on your adventure through life.

Are you finding that you are feeling burnt out or over committed and stretched beyond capacity? Maybe it’s time to stop and take a beat in order to be kind to yourself.

As always I am happy to help on this journey so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for a helping hand.