The Power of Play

Spend any time with me and I will talk about play at some stage.

No matter if it’s board games, computer games, sport, improv games or LEGO, I cannot undersell the power of play.

We were designed to play and have fun. Life has plenty of things that try to steal our joy and that can so often be counteracted by a few minutes of just playing and enjoying the immersive experience that play can bring.

I have often told friends and clients about having emergency lego for those days that have complete overwhelm that I just break out and leave the world behind for 15 mins as I take a brain break and recharge through play. I cannot express just how deeply powerful this exercise is as well as how much it can recharge one. 

Do you still play? Have you fallen into the “grown up” trap and forgotten to make time in your life for play?

Perhaps today is the day you break out the lego or go for a walk and jump in a puddle just to reconnect with that inner child who is dying to come out and enjoy the grand adventures that life presents us.